The End

The End

The End
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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The End

''The End''

Written By Daryl Stout

1. The End; two words that mean finality of things.
And thoughout eternity, these words did loudly ring.
Events begun had been stopped, by other things occurred.
And, many of these things detailed, in pages of God's Word.

2. The End began in Heaven, when Lucifer rebelled.
Covering Cherub, filled with pride...condemned to burn in Hell.
A third of angels joined him, deceived that they could win.
This event, it started, the whole curse of sin.

3. The End of Perfect Paradise, it was sad to see.
As Adam and Eve ate the fruit from that Special Tree.
They disobeyed God's commands, as they with sin complied.
First spiritually, then physically, they began to die.

4. The End of life on Earth would come in Noah's Flood one day.
But in the Ark that Noah built, God did make a way.
For Noah's wife and family, and animals of every kind;
To survive the judgement; the Great Flood of all time.

5. The End of sin did not occur; mans sinful nature turned
Further away from God's Laws, and what mankind had learned.
God destroyed the Sodomites in Heaven's Judgment Fire.
For these loved homosexuality's desires.

6. The End of blessings on Israel, was realized many times.
When God's Chosen People, rebelled and crossed the line.
So, God allowed the enemies of Israel to prevail;
Until Israel repented to The God who can not fail.

7. The End of words from God above took 400 years.
Until the Birth of Jesus Christ, God's Precious Son, so dear.
For He left Heaven's Glory, to come live like a man.
But, He came to die for all; the Perfect, Sinless Lamb.

8. The End of the Old Covenant, the night it was revealed.
As Christ and His Disciples gathered, The Last Supper meal.
Before The Lord was betrayed, scourged, and crucified;
His Blood to pay for the sins of all mankind, He died.

9. The End of Satan's grip and hold, on man's eternal soul;
Was realized that Easter morn, when Christ took control.
Defeating Hell and The Grave, The Risen Lord proclaimed
Victory to repentant souls who called upon His Name.

10. The End of rule of mortal man began the Rapture Day.
As the saved, dead and alive, to Heaven, caught away.
The tribulation, evil time, the wrld has never seen.
The Antichrist, a personality, never was so mean.

11. The End of Satan's reign on Earth, there at Armageddon.
The Second Coming Of The Lord, sinful man was dreading.
First into The Lake Of Fire...False Prophet, and The Beast;
Judgment now of those on Earth...then Millenium of Peace.

12. The End of last rebellion, after a thousand years.
Fire fell from Heaven, God's Righteous Judgment clear.
The unsaved through eternity, now at The Great White Throne.
The most somber day at hand, these will have ever known.

13. The End of Satan's rule on life, judgment now confirmed.
In The Lake Of Fire now...forever, all will burn.
The Antichrist, False Prophet, Satan, and his hordes;
And everyone who refused Jesus as their Lord.

14. The End of sin now realized, as God makes all things new.
Sin won't rise a second time, in God's sight to view.
And, all redeemed will sing the praises of eternal score;
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, will reign forevermore.

15. The End of this poem soon at hand....the choice, now yours to make.
The Blood of Jesus shed for you, the hold of sin will break.
Will you repent of all your sin?? And, come to Jesus now??
Serving in humility, before Him humbly bow.

16. The End of life will come to all, with no warning sound.
At your death, it is too late, to change eternal ground.
For only Christ can take your heart, full of sin, He'll mend.
Refuse Christ, and at your death, God's Grace, it will end.

17. The End of this earthly life, eternity begins.
Where it's spent determined, if you died in your sins.
For Christ died and rose again, to save your soul from Hell.
Did you accept Him as your Lord, before life's final bell??

18. The End of suffering for the lost, will never be in sight.
For these loved sins darkness much more than the light.
Weeping, cursing, gnashing teeth...for these, all hope is gone.
For God's Gift, they refused to rely upon.

19. The End of Christ's Eternal Kingdom never will occur.
As God's Blessings to the redeemed, then will be conferred.
As Creation meant to be, that day long ago;
God created all things good; His Love forever showed.

20. The End of all these poems, I pray is not at hand.
The witness of all these verses, across many lands.
The sharing of my given talent, that Jesus let all see.
With praise and thanks forevermore; Christ died for you and me.

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