The Price Of Being Wrong

The Price Of Being Wrong

The Price Of Being Wrong
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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The Price Of Being Wrong

''The Price Of Being Wrong''

Written By Daryl Stout

1. The price of a decision being wrong,
It hurts our sinful nature full of pride.
For our egos rather would belong
To the group that's on the correct side.

2. Depending on the situation there,
The damage caused, it is great or small.
Happiness, or being full of cares,
Is determined where the outcome falls.

3. In the case of ones life after death,
Several schools of thought on Earth abound.
What does occur after ones last breath,
And their body buried in the ground.

4. Religions fill the world in many forms.
Each, its own beliefs there, all their own.
These try to make their followers conform,
To their doctrines there, that are all known.

5. One faith, though, is different from the rest.
Its Founder is The Lord, The King Of Kings.
Born again, by faith in Christ, they're blest
For the scope of all eternal things.

6. Jesus Christ came to Earth to die
On the Cross for sins that all would do.
He left His Glory there, in Heavens sky,
His Free Love Gift, for all mankind to view.

7. God's Great Love for us, we can't repay.
For on Calvary's Cross, He showed His Love.
When Jesus died, in our place, that day,
Salvation bought our home, in heaven above.

8. Then on Easter morning, Christ arose
From the tomb of death there in the Earth.
For all the saints now, there redemption chose
Accepting Christ as Lord, they have new birth.

9. Ascending back to Heaven, Christ did go
After resurrection forty days.
Saints took the Gospel, gladly they did go.
To proclaim that Jesus Is The Way.

10. But, with the theme of this poetic verse,
You may wonder who, in fact, is wrong.
For religions wide on Earth dispersed,
Each one thinks they're singing Heaven's song.

11. If those accepting Jesus Christ as Lord,
It turns out they're mistaken, when they die.
They'll lose some petty sins they did record,
While on Earth they lived below the sky.

12. But, if those rejecting Jesus Christ,
It turns out that they're wrong, when they die.
They'll lose so much more, to pay sins price.
Because in life, they fell for Satan's lie.

13. Not everyone there, who calls Jesus Lord.
Will into His Kingdom enter in.
God's Word, Sharper than a two edged sword.
Will expose their motives and their sin.

14. For by the Grace of God, by faith, one's saved.
Not of human works, where one could boast.
They've put aside sins nature, there depraved,
Serving Jesus, who they love the most.

15. Don't gamble, friend, with your eternal soul.
Dying in your sin, too great a cost.
Of your life, let Christ now take control,
He came to Earth, to redeem all the lost.

16. So, decisions price, and now, its choice
Is here for you to's all your own.
Will you repent, and heed Christ's loving voice??
And humbly bow before Him, and His Throne??

17. Or do you reject, what God has done??
Preferring selfish, prideful, sin desires.
You'll regret refusing God's Dear Son,
As He condemns you to The Lake Of Fire.

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