The Tale Of The Weatherman

The Tale Of The Weatherman

The Tale Of The Weatherman
Snowy Winter Day


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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The Tale Of The Weatherman

''The Tale Of The Weatherman''

For Bobby Best, WX4ALA

Written By Daryl Stout, WX1DER

1) They think I have an easy job, any time of day.
As a media weatherman, in forecasts that I say.
That I keep my job, when all my forecasts, they seem wrong.
They don't know behind the scenes, the madness all day long.

2) Computer models simulate, what weather there, might do.
But, from one run to the next, none of them stay true.
Changing forecasts more than people change their underwear.
No wonder all these weather folks are pulling out their hair.

3) Guidance is all that these are, in what might occur.
Sometimes, they do all agree, in what they infer.
But, most times, a wide array, of solutions shown.
A big meteorological mess, is what we should have known.

4) Forecast models, they are issued, several times a day.
Each weather situation handled, in a different way.
With some events, the models hit the needle on the head.
With others, it's as if they all rolled over, and played dead!!

5) Stationary, cold or warm, or occluded there.
The weather fronts that bring the storms, and need to prepare.
Tornadoes, hail, damaging wind, and the flooding rain;
Or the snow and ice of winter, a real travel pain.

6) Watches, warnings, advisories; before, or in the storm.
Yet agony to analyze, when the precip forms.
Looking at the Doppler Radar, for a TVS.
Or for hail, or strong wind, or flooding rain; a mess.

7) Mesoscale details there, sometimes can't be known.
Like a strengthening hurricane, how fast the wind has blown.
Wind shear or vorticity, or instability there.
Or temperature, as you go up, from surface, to the air.

8) A science that is inexact, that's what weather is.
That's why forecasts seem to be less hit, and much more miss.
If the weather you don't like, just wait for just a few.
For it changes rapidly, right there in your view.

9) Every day, we analyze, data, forecasts, and text.
Yet, we wonder, what weather type, there will happen next.
Sadly, there are people who, check forecasts once a week.
Then, they're angry at us, for the forecasts we did speak.

10) There are many ways to get weather warnings there.
NOAA Weather Radio, the best way to prepare.
With SAME Warning feature, the alarm will sound.
To know when you should take shelter, there below the ground.

11) Many think we're crying wolf, warn of impending storm.
They think that all our actions there, are part of the norm.
If they only knew what happened, there behind the scene;
In blizzards, or in hailstorms, when skies are dark green.

12) We see debris balls on the Doppler, and can't believe our eyes.
Fearing tragically that people, there are going to die.
We pray they're in safe shelter there, or taking shelter fast.
Because if they don't do such quick, their breaths may be their last.

13) We say ''Don't drive or walk across, a flooded road or way''.
Yet, people think that they can make it, but they're swept away.
And, twenty miles from a storm, a lightning bolt can strike.
It'll hit you, standing there, or riding a bike.

14) Sometimes, it seems ''The Weather Rock'' is more accurate.
In a forecast that it makes, what weather is on it.
Wet, it's rain; white, it's snow; swinging, a windy day.
Can't see it, it is foggy; or, a tornado, blown away.

15) Climate is what we expect, but weather's what we get.
Will today be dry and warm?? Or stormy there, and wet??
Weather never stops when you're asleep, or there, awake.
We realize that in every forecast, that we there, do make.

16) While it seems we're forecasting, by seat of our pants.
It's not as easy as it looks, to figure rain/snow chance.
For the models, they do change, with each and every run.
We try to forecast if your day is stormy, or with sun.

17) Only The Lord knows for sure, what weather will occur.
It doesn't matter, what type of, weather you prefer.
We have to live and deal with it, weather of each day.
And, it's best to be prepared, with what comes our way.

18) On newscasts, we're lucky to, get a 3 minute slot.
To tell if it will rain or snow, or be cold or hot.
And, if a program's interrupted by a warning there.
Folks think only of themselves; of others, they don't care.

19) The storms may be past you now, and you're in the clear.
But, others still ahead of them, they are full of fear.
The next time, it may be you, that is in harm's way.
Wouldn't you want to be warned, instead of death that day??

20) Now, you know what weather folks, daily must endure.
Our job is fun, but also stressful, that fact is for sure.
At the weather service office, or on TV there.
We work hard to get to you, the forecast, we prepare.

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