If People Knew The Truth Of Satan's Real Identity

If People Knew The Truth Of Satan's Real Identity

If People Knew The Truth Of Satan's Real Identity
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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If People Knew The Truth Of Satan's Real Identity

''If People Knew The Truth Of Satan's Real Identity''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) If people knew the truth of Satan's Real Identity,
They wouldn't stay around with him, but they'd turn and flee.
Disguised as Angel Of Light, to mask his evil ways.
In deceiving countless souls, each and every day.

2) A liar from the very start, he rejects all truth.
Preferring the sinister, evil deeds, uncouth.
Totally against the ways, that God did command.
Demonic hordes follow him, in each and every land.

3) First as covering cherub there, guarding The Lord's Throne.
But he filled with sin and pride, to God, fully known.
One third of the angelic realm, together there, conspired.
Cast from Heaven, eternal doom, in The Lake Of Fire.

4) Our first parents, Adam, Eve, in Eden's paradise.
Fell for Satan's lying words, paid a heavy price.
From Eden's home, they were cast out; Earth, with sin, was filled.
The firstborn, Cain, in jealousy, his brother, Abel, killed.

5) Like a cancer, sins dark plague, it spread far and wide.
With exception of a few, all depraved, inside.
Enoch walked with God, was raptured, so he didn't die.
Noah, serving God, found grace, there in The Lord's Eyes.

6) For one hundred twenty years, Noah built the Ark.
Satan's hordes had millions taunt, their souls were so dark.
Only Noah's family, and animals on board,
Would survive horrific flood, sent down by The Lord.

7) But, while millions drowned and plunged into the pit of Hell.
Satan and his demon hordes, stayed with their evil spell.
Though they tried to sink the Ark, resoundly, they did fail.
For against The Lord Of Hosts, Satan can't prevail.

8) Population grew again, but evil was still there.
With Nimrod and Babel's Tower, one language prepared.
God confused the languages, and though people did disperse.
Satan's Real Identity, was same song and verse.

9) With Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and many others, too.
All committed acts of sin, in The Lord's full view.
Rebelling with sin nature there, it seemed all were doomed.
But God had Redemption Plan, before the Earth, there bloomed.

10) Jesus Christ, God's Only Son, Creator, Sinless Lamb.
Second In The Trinity, The Lord, The Great, I AM.
Would leave Heaven, come to Earth, of Virgin, He was born.
To live, die, and rise again; repair sins thread, so torn.

11) Satan tempted Christ The Lord, to get Him to fall.
But, The Lord resisted Satan, and his evil call.
The one life that's ever lived, perfect every day.
King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords, The Truth, The Life, The Way.

12) So, when the time arrived for Christ to die for mankind,
Satan and his demon hordes, a traitor they did find.
In Judas Iscariot, thirty silver coins.
Everyone against The Lord, all there, evil joined.

13) Satan and his demon hordes, the crowd, they inflamed.
As Christ went to Calvary's Cross, for our sin and shame.
First scourged, then on a Rugged Cross, Christ was crucified.
Satan thought he'd won it all, when The Lord, there died.

14) But the celebration there, going on in Hell.
Ended The Third Day, when Christ, defeated the grave's spell.
He rose again in victory, conquered death for all.
Salvation was now full and free, to those heeding Christ's call.

15) Though Satan's fate, eternally sealed, he still spreads his lies.
Sadly, most don't know his deeds, until the day they die.
So, he's working endlessly, to keep folks in sin, blind.
For Gospel Truth, he doesn't want, anyone to find.

16) The Gospel In A Nutshell Friend, is simplicity.
Christ lived and died for all mankind, upon that Rugged Tree.
He rose again on the Third Day, and one day, He'll Return.
And all those rejecting Him, they will eternally burn.

17) But, Satan, he can only do, what The Lord allows.
He knows that one day, even he, with everyone, will bow.
Both saved and lost, before The Lord, all one day, confess.
That Christ is Lord; and Satan caused, all the sinful mess.

18) Believe On Christ, whom God has sent, The One Thing God Requires.
Accept Him as Saviour and Lord, or face The Lake Of Fire.
But The Lord, He gives each one, a chance to make the choice.
To accept, or to reject, The Lord's Still Small Voice.

19) But, many will not trust in Christ, to be their Saviour, Lord.
That includes Satan too, and all his demon hordes.
They believe, and tremble there, at their eternal fate.
They won't escape The Lake Of Fire; for these, it's too late.

20) Satan and his demon hordes, want everyone to burn.
He doesn't anyone, to The Lord, to turn.
If people knew the truth of Satan's Real Identity,
They wouldn't stay around with him, but they'd turn and flee.

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