Seven Fundamental Truths That I Do Believe

Seven Fundamental Truths That I Do Believe

Seven Fundamental Truths That I Do Believe
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Seven Fundamental Truths That I Do Believe

''Seven Fundamental Truths That I Do Believe''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) Seven Fundamental Truths that I do believe.
From the precious Word Of God, that mankind received.
Companion to what I believe, in Statement Of My Faith,
Fundamental Bible Truths, in what The Lord, has saith.

2) The first of these truths, is God's Word, it is error free.
The Lord and His Word, they don't change, throughout eternity.
Absolute in all its truth, in every book, therein.
God's Redemption Plan to deal, with the curse of sin.

3) The second of these truths, is that Christ always did exist.
Eternally with God The Father; not one thing, there missed.
Jesus Christ is God The Father, come in flesh to Earth,
To preach The Gospel, that all souls, are needing New Birth.

4) The third of these truths, is that Christ, was of a Virgin Born.
Like mankind in every way, but without sin stain, torn.
The only perfect life on Earth, that ever was lived.
To pay the price of mankind's sin; His Life, The Lord, would give.

5) The fourth of these truths, is that Christ, did for our sins, atone.
On the Cross of Calvary, He died there, all alone.
Without the shedding there of blood, sins cost can't be paid.
Salvation's Gift, by sacrifice, that The Lord, there made.

6) The fifth of these truths, is that Christ, rose up from the grave.
Victorious over sin and death, so mankind could be saved.
According to the Scriptures, He arose on the Third Day...
The King Of Kings, The Lord Of Lords, The Truth, The Life, The Way.

7) The sixth of these truths, is you're saved, there by grace through faith.
Not of works, lest you should boast; but in Words Christ saith.
Our righteousness as filthy rags, just one sin, condemns,
Reject Christ, and He's Your Judge; and not Eternal Friend.

8) The seventh of these truths, is that Christ, will one day, return.
And, all those rejecting Him, eternally, will burn.
Those dying in their sins, refusing what God does require.
Torment for these, evermore, there in The Lake Of Fire.

9) These seven Fundamental Truths, that I do believe.
Will you, friend, repent of sin, and Christ, Your Lord, receive??
For one day, you'll bow before Him, there upon His Throne,
Will you rejoice, or be condemned, as one He's never known??

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