Business As Usual Will End

Business As Usual Will End

Business As Usual Will End
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Business As Usual Will End

''Business As Usual Will End''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) There is a term, describing the state, of current things that exist.
It seems that these things, the hierarchy there, is something that no one can miss.
But one day real soon, a time known to God, His Judgments To Earth, He Will send.
The status quo, the things that as usual will end.

2) So many times throughout history, ever since man fell in sin.
Rejecting The Lord, and His Commands, sins curse to Earth, entered in.
But for the wicked, spurning God's Grace, refusing The Lord as Their Friend.
His Judgment will fall, and life on Earth, as business as usual will end.

3) Paradise and perfection of things, Adam and Eve, lost that day.
When they accepted Lucifers lies, deceiving words, he there, did say.
God's Word unchanging, He made The Rules, and these, He never will bend.
One day, His Patience, it there will run out, and business as usual will end.

4) All mankind thoughts, continually evil, it grieved The Lord at His Heart.
A Flood would be sent, destroying all things, then life would get a new start.
Noah found grace, in The Lord's Eyes, he worshipped The Lord as His Friend.
He built an Ark, told there by God, that business as usual will end.

5) But, sin multiplied over the years, though The Great Flood was now past.
Mankind, there wicked, in every way...against God, they were en masse.
Even the children, of Israel there, most followed sins evil trend.
All the rebellious, these tragically saw, that business as usual will end.

6) Many were used mightily by God, there to accomplish His Will.
But most of mankind, rebelled against these, as The Lord's Prophets were killed.
Relationship with, The Lord Of Hosts, there no desire, to mend.
Rejecting God's Warning, that one day there, business as usual will end.

7) But, from the foundation of all the world, The Lamb Of God, would be slain.
The truth of God's Love, shown in Christ Jesus, the world could never explain.
With arms outstretched on Calvary's Cross, to man, God's Grace did extend.
The power of sin, o'er all mankind, this business as usual will end.

8) Satan defeated, when Christ arose, there from the grave The Third Day.
Redemption complete, for all who'd accept, The Truth, and The Life, and The Way.
Repenting of sin, accepting The Lord...Jesus Christ, Eternal Friend.
He promised one day, He'd come back for these, and business as usual will end.

9) On Rapture day, the dead in Christ, the first to rise up to the sky.
Then all the saved, alive, are now changed, in twinkling there, of an eye.
These now rewarded, for they served Christ, their time on Earth, they did spend.
For those left behind, they now discover, that business as usual will end.

10) Great Tribulation, for seven years, twenty-one judgments, now fall.
On wicked mankind, refusing God's Gift; to the Lord, these would not call.
The Antichrist there, appears to the world, as their true saviour and friend.
But, all too soon, true colors revealed, and business as usual will end.

11) Billions will die, the saints martyred there, beheaded for witness of Christ.
And, the unsaved, who did take The Mark, eternally, they'll pay the price.
At Armageddon, Christ Jesus Returns, devotion too late to pretend.
Sins curse on Earth, now finally removed, as business as usual will end.

12) Both Jew and Gentile, are now there judged, and for the saved there, in Christ.
Millenial Kingdom, inherited now, full of peace and paradise.
But for the lost, to judgment eternal, forever the time, they will spend.
Christ rules the Earth, and mans sinful business as usual will end.

13) Even though bound during this time, Satan's released once more there.
Millions join him, rebelling toward God...The Lord's Fiery Judgment, not spared.
The Great White Throne, Judgment for all, rejecting The Lord as their Friend.
All bow before Christ, confess Him as business as usual will end.

14) For everyone who, rejected The Lord, in favor of their sins desires.
Eternal torment, forever theirs, now there in The Lake Of Fire.
But for the redeemed, eternal blessings, The Lord to these, He does extend.
New Heaven, New Earth, all without business as usual will end.

15) While you may think, you have many years, before you here now on this Earth.
Now is the time, repent of your sin, accept Christ now, receive New Birth.
For without warning, your death, it will come, and your life, God won't extend.
And at your death, you'll tragically see...that business as usual will end.

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