Intervention By The Lord

Intervention By The Lord

Intervention By The Lord
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Intervention By The Lord

''Intervention By The Lord''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) Intervention By The Lord, throughout eternity.
To accomplish Divine Will, as everyone shall see.
The Creator Of All Things, The Heavens And The Earth.
Knows the end of every thing, as well these things birth.

2) Intervention By The Lord, when Lucifer rebelled.
A third of the angelic realm, plunged down into Hell.
Not surprised by what occurred, in the mutiny.
Part of the Father's Plan, for all eternity.

3) Intervention By The Lord, Earth created there.
Our first parents, Adam, Eve...God wanted to share.
One simple prohibition given, the test they both failed.
And the cries of sins effects, would be forever wailed.

4) Intervention By The Lord, judged from Eden's home.
Sin part of the human race, wherever mankind roamed.
The firstborn, Cain, a murderer, out of jealousy.
Killed Abel, who served God, with great humility.

5) Intervention By The Lord, sin spread far and wide.
It seemed that God's Creation ruined, by man's sinful pride.
In seeing all the rampant sin, it greived God at His Heart.
By faith, Noah would build an Ark, to Earth a brand new start.

6) Intervention By The Lord, when The Great Flood Came.
Except for eight souls, millions died, in their sin and shame.
After forty days and nights, the flooding rains did end.
And, in the sky, God's Rainbow there, the world now on the mend.

7) Intervention By The Lord, the language there, confused.
Man still in his selfishness, God's laws there, abused.
And, even after all these years, man tries to circumvent,
The rules The Lord had laid down there, mankind was hell bent.

8) Intervention By The Lord, with His Judgment Fire.
Sodom and Gomorrah blasted, for their sins desires.
Wickedness to Heaven, overflowed to Hell...
Judgment came for the lost, it was their death knell.

9) Intervention By The Lord, sin didn't go away.
Man's sin nature still was there, each and every day.
Through the years, many altars, animal sacrifice.
But, one day, God Himself, would pay sins awful price.

10) Intervention By The Lord, with ten plagues God showed.
Pharoah told by Moses, God said "Let My People Go!".
Israelites escaping through, walls of the Red Sea.
Then judgment fell, drowning all, of Pharoah's huge army.

11) Intervention By The Lord, Ten Commandments Given.
To Moses up on Mount Sinai, to purge away sins leaven.
But unbelieving Israelites, they wandered forty years.
In judgment of the wilderness, they would shed their tears.

12) Intervention By The Lord, from His Righteous Throne.
He called the Jews His Chosen Ones, they would be His Own.
And, the nation Israel, light to the world, would be.
But, they rebelled against The Lord, lived in idolatry.

13) Intervention By The Lord, His Wrath fell many times.
Punishing the Israelites, for their sinful crimes.
But, when they repented there, He would their sin forgive.
While Israel's enemies would there die, Israel would there, live.

14) Intervention By The Lord, through many, many years.
Except for the believing few, mankind brought God to tears.
So, in part of His Great Plan, in Christ, God's Only Son.
He would pay for all our sins, and gain the victory won.

15) Intervention By The Lord, that first Christmas morn.
To the shepherds, there proclaimed, for all, the Saviour born.
Heaven's Host of angels sang, there in the manger, laid.
God's Salvation to the world, in Jesus Christ, there made.

16) Intervention By The Lord, The Lamb Of God On Earth.
To take away all mankind's sin, if they'd accept New Birth.
Sadly, most rejected Him, said He was just a lie.
Crucified Him on a Cross, for all the world, He died.

17) Intervention By The Lord, Raised Up From The Grave.
Whoever'd call on Jesus Name, in faith, would be saved.
Ascended back to Heaven there, having paid sins cost.
The Gospel would be spread worldwide, to tell all the lost.

18) Intervention By The Lord, For His Church, His Bride.
Saved by Grace through faith, not works, forsaking all sins pride.
And, while persecuted there, the true Church, would not fail.
Against the church, the gates of Hell, there would not prevail.

19) Intervention By The Lord, His Precious Word preserved.
Despite attempts of sinful men, to pervert His Word.
For what The Lord sends out to Earth, it won't return there void.
No matter all the methods there, Satan would employ.

20) Intervention By The Lord, when God's Quota Reached.
"Where did all the people go?" will be the world's speech.
Resurrection power there, the twinkling of an eye.
Those alive joined these, with Christ, there in Heaven's sky.

21) Intervention By The Lord, when Israel stands alone.
Invading armies destroyed there, as God Protects His Own.
From twelve tribes of Israel, the Jews evangelize.
Proclaim the Gospel message there, in front of the worlds eyes.

22) Intervention By The Lord, two witnesses proclaim.
For three and one half years there, they cause all the world, pain.
But at the hands of Antichrist, these saints one day, die.
Resurrected 3 days later, into Heaven's sky.

23) Intervention By The Lord, God's wrath would finally fall.
Seals, trumpets, and bowls there, twenty-one in all.
The Great Tribulation there, then Christ would return.
And, all who rejected Him, they would forever, burn.

24) Intervention By The Lord, a thousand years of joy.
Earth restored now by THe Lord, a beauty to enjoy.
With a rod of iron now, the nations, The Lord rules...
And, to those rejecting Him, The Lord calls them fools.

25) Intervention By The Lord, when Satan is released.
His armies try one final time, to destroy the peace.
But, from Heaven, Judgment falls, in God's Righteous Fire.
Destroying all those following Satan's sin desires.

26) Intervention By The Lord, at The Great White Throne.
Sadly, all these judged will be, ones he's never known.
In The Lake Of Fire now, their torment never ends.
Jesus is their worst nightmare...and not Eternal Friend.

27) Intervention By The Lord, God makes all things new.
Sin won't rise a second time, no evil ways, to do.
All redeemed of ages now, sing praise, eternal score.
The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost, shall reign forevermore.

28) Intervention By The Lord, He did all that He could.
He paid for all your sins there friend, on That Cross Of Wood.
Will you repent, accept by faith, what Christ did for you??
Or will you reject His Gift...the choice, is yours, to do.

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