Given What Was Desired

Given What Was Desired

Given What Was Desired
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Given What Was Desired

''Given What Was Desired''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) Since creation, The Lord gave, a desire from within.
It can only be fulfilled, by coming in faith to Him.
Accepting Jesus as Your Lord, and Saviour, there inspired.
Serving Him, your heart at peace, given what was desired.

2) Tragically there, long ago, Lucifier rebelled.
The covering cherub, filled with pride, it was his death knell.
A third of the angelic realm, with Satan, did conspire.
Eternal torment made for them, given what was desired.

3) Our first parents, in Eden there, took words that Satan lied.
Disobeying God's command...spiritually, they died.
Innocence lost before the Lord, the sin that did transpire.
Passed down to all their progeny, given what was desired.

4) The world's firstborn, in jealousy, did his brother, kill.
Now insolent, before The Lord, from blood that was spilled.
Evil manifested there, from sin that was acquired.
Sin exploded on the Earth, given was what desired.

5) The Lord, He was grieved at His Heart, that He did make man.
For sin had threatened to destroy, God's Creation Plan.
But, in God's Eyes, Noah found, grace that was required.
The Ark providing rescue there, given what was desired.

6) With two of every animal, there was room to spare.
For Noah's family and others too...but, others didn't care.
Only eight souls saved from death, The Great Flood was so dire.
All who perished, ignored God...and given what was desired.

7) From Sodom and Gomorrah, righteous Lot there did escape.
The wicked throngs in sexual sin, and horrifying rape.
God destroyed these wicked cities, with His Righteous Fire.
And all those rejecting God...given what was desired.

8) When The Lord told Abraham, to sacrifice Isaac there.
It seemed it was a burden that Abraham couldn't bear.
But, at the final moment before Isaac's life expired...
God intervened, Isaac saved...given what was desired.

9) Down through Israel's history, God's People there, the Jews.
They were to witness of His Word...these, The Lord would use.
But, many times, they rebelled, preferred sinful attire.
So, they were judged there by The Lord...given what was desired.

10) But, in God's Eternal Plan, He'd come to Earth to save.
To live and die and rise again, o'er death and the grave.
Jesus lived a sinless life, so death was not required.
He shed His Blood there in our place...given what was desired.

11) From Pentecost until today, the Church, all saved by Grace.
One day soon at Rapture...these will see Christ's Loving Face.
They served The Lord and gave their lives, some martyred in the fire.
These reign with Christ forevermore...given what was desired.

12) After Rapture, tragically, many there deceived.
Those accepting AntiChrist, and his lies believe.
They'll take His Mark, but damn themselves, to Eternal Fire.
They wanted Satan, not The Lord...given what was desired.

13) After seven years on Earth, of Great Tribulation;
Christ returns to judge the world, every man and nation.
In flaming fire, judging all, who called God a liar...
They're damned for all eternity...given what was desired.

14) For all those accepting Christ, in those seven years;
They enter the Millenium, with no death or tears.
A Thousand Years Of Peace at least, praise that never tires.
Christ's Kingdom from Jerusalem, given what was desired.

15) One last rebellion there takes place, when Satan is released.
The Prince Of Earth now destroyed, by The Prince Of Peace.
Invading armies, were quickly judged, and devoured by fire.
Sentenced at The Great White Throne...given what was desired.

16) Then, the present Earth and Heavens, by God, are destroyed.
He then creates all things new, by means that He employed.
The redeemed now sing their that Holy Choir...
Sin removed forevermore...given what was desired.

17) Tomorrow, it may never come, you must choose today.
What will you do with Jesus Christ? The Truth, The Life, The Way.
Will you believe on Jesus Christ, the one thing God requires?
Or prefer eternal torment?? You're given what was desired.

18) Now that you have heard the words, herein from this poem.
You friend, now must make your choice, to your Eternal Home.
To go into eternal torment, no decision is required.
You'll regret forevermore...given what was desired.

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