The Horror In Their Eyes

The Horror In Their Eyes

The Horror In Their Eyes
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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The Horror In Their Eyes

''The Horror In Their Eyes''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) For all of God's Enemies, down through many years...
When The Lord does intervene, realizing their worst fears.
That they realize too late, believing Satan's lies...
The judgment now, there shown by, the horror in their eyes.

2) It all started long ago, when Lucifer rebelled...
Deceived one third of angels there, demons straight to Hell.
But God saw through it, and to was no surprise.
Their countenance reveals now, the horror in their eyes.

3) When Adam, and then Eve, in Eden...our first parents there...
Fell for the serpent's cunning sin, they were ensnared.
They could not hide there from The Lord, nor their sin, disguise.
Cast out from Eden, you could see, the horror in their eyes.

4) The curse of sin, it seemed that all, their evil hearts enjoyed.
God decided that by a Flood, the Earth would be destroyed.
For, Noah's family, in the ark, safe from stormy skies.
One thing before the millions drowned...the horror in their eyes.

5) Israel's enemies, surrounding her, from each and every land.
But, when God's People followed Him, with His Protecting Hand.
No matter what those enemies...did in many tries.
When God moved, all could see...the horror in their eyes.

6) God sent Moses into Egypt, so Pharoah would know.
For The Lord said to him there...''Let My People Go''.
After ten plagues, and could hear the cries.
Unprotected, firstborn killed...the horror in their eyes.

7) The Exodus now had begun, God's People there, did flee.
Pharoah's army pursued them, up to the Red Sea.
Parted for the Jews to pass, the sea now, terrorized.
The army drowned there in the sea...the horror in their eyes.

8) With Philistines and Goliath, taunting Israel there.
God's People felt they were one could be prepared.
But, when David slung a stone...from slingshot, it did fly.
Goliath dead, Philistines fled...the horror in their eyes.

9) Elijah challenged Baal's prophets, serving sins desires.
The Lord would be the one who'd send down Heaven's Righteous Fire.
Elijah's prayers, God answered them, with the fiery skies.
Defeating Baal's prophets there...the horror in their eyes.

10) Many times, down through the years, from God, man turned away.
So, Judgment was sent by The Lord...the price of sin to pay.
Then, there for four hundred years...from God, came no reply.
Those who loved The Lord, there was...the horror in their eyes.

11) So, in the fullness of time there, Christ would come to Earth.
A perfect, sinless life, He'd live...a precious, lowly birth.
"The Lamb Of God", said John The Baptist, proclaimed by his cries.
But, Pharisees and Saducees...the horror in their eyes.

12) The Law, Christ, He would not destroy...but instead, fulfill.
The Only Way To Heaven there, He did the Father's Will.
But, his own rejected Him, His Blood on all, applies.
His disciples watched him die...the horror in their eyes.

13) But, on the Third Day, Christ arose, from death and the grave.
And, all who believed on Christ, by faith, would be saved.
But for those refusing truth, lies there were supplied.
On Judgment Day, these will have...the horror in their eyes.

14) Persecution, martyrdom, of the righteous brethren.
Faithful unto death, these saw, the Glory there in Heaven.
Those guilty of these murderous crimes, God's Words, they despised.
At their death, these will have...the horror in their eyes.

15) On the day of Rapture soon, for those left behind.
Seven Years Of Tribulation, there for all mankind.
At Armageddon, Christ returns, in glory from the skies.
All with the Mark are slain...the horror in their eyes.

16) The Antichrist, Satan's man, heeds demonic call.
Twenty-one judgments there, from The Lord, there fall.
At Armageddon, Christ returns, in glory from the skies.
All with the Mark, there are slain...the horror in their eyes.

17) With Christ's Second Coming now, Millenium of Peace.
Equality and Righteousness, all fighting does cease.
But in rebellion at the end, the last of Satan's tries...
Slain by fire from above...the horror in their eyes.

18) Many think that they will have, many years ahead.
But, when they least expect it there, their heart stops, and they're dead.
If they rejected God's Love Gift, their screams and their cries.
Will be small to what they know...the horror in their eyes.

19) The Lord, He has no pleasure, of those who die in sin.
God's Love Gift these refused, to humbly come to Him.
For through all eternity, He could their needs, supply.
Now in judgment before Him, the horror in their eyes.

20) Don't be like so many who, will God's Gift refuse.
Will you repent? Accept by Faith, Christ your Lord, to choose?
For when He comes for His Own, you won't be surprised.
And you won't have what the lost will...the horror in their eyes.

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