Seals, Bowls, And Trumpets

Seals, Bowls, And Trumpets

Seals, Bowls, And Trumpets
Soar With Jesus


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Seals, Bowls, And Trumpets

''Seals, Bowls, And Trumpets''

Based on Revelation 6-20

Written By Daryl Stout

Note: While the actual order in Scripture is actually seals, trumpets, and bowls...I set it up this way for better poetic rhythm. Regardless of the order, all of these judgments of God's Wrath upon the Earth WILL occur.

1) Seals, bowls, and trumpets...the judgments coming soon.
Sent to Earth from God above, part of the unsaved doom.
Three sets of seven judgments, each worse than before.
For Earth has rejected Christ, embracing sins decor.

2) The seals start with riders, on four horses there.
Each signifies a different plague, to fill the Earth with care.
Starting after Rapture, in the twinkling of an eye.
Avalanche of judgment, now falls from the sky.

3) The white horse holds the Antichrist, Counterfeit Prince Of Peace.
The red one removes peaceful times, as the blood of war released.
The black one brings both famine, then economy upheaveal.
The pale one brings death, large carnage there revealed.

4) The fifth seal shows the martyred Tribulation Saints.
Refused to worship Antichrist, they're killed without restraint.
The sixth seal turns the moon to blood, and makes the sun go dark.
The seventh seal an earthquake, Heavens joy, now silent stark.

5) The seals done, the trumpets start, phase two of The Lord's Wrath.
Divine plagues on sinful men, who preferred the Devil's path.
The first with hail, fire, and blood, one third of green things burned.
The second one, a mountain mass, hits sea, the ocean churned.

6) The third one, a star, called Wormwood there, into fresh waters crashed.
It turns the water bitter, when it makes the splash.
The fourth brings darkness on the Earth, the fifth, a locust storm.
The sixth unbinds demonic forces, from Euphrates swarm.

7) Two witnesses are raised up there, to preach God's Truthful Word.
They stop the rain, bring down plagues, Worldwide, their message heard.
But most of the world hates them, these messengers from the sky.
And, when they try to kill them, they themselves will die.

8) But after three and one half years, the Beast has these both slain.
The world rejoices at their deaths, they caused them so much pain.
Then after three days, they rise up, looking into the Beasts eyes,
And God Raptures these two upwards, to Heaven in the Sky.

9) Then, twelve thousand Jewish men, from each of the twelve tribes.
Sealed for service, proclaiming Christ, His Goodness there describe.
Unnumbered souls, the number great, saved by the witness told.
But, many of these are beheaded, now into Heaven's Fold.

10) The seals, trumpets, finished now, the bowls the final stage.
The world now experiences God's unrestrained rage.
The first one causes cancerous sores on mankind to fall.
Those who took the Mark Of The Beast, Eternal Judgment calls.

11) The second one turns the sea to blood, the third, fresh waters, too.
The fourth one makes the sun hotter, but darker, hard to view.
The fifth one sends the darkness, of pain, on evil souls.
For these refused to turn to God, to give Him lifes control.

12) The sixth releases demonic forces, armies to Armageddon.
The Beast, and The False Prophet, the final conflict dreading.
The final bowl sends great earthquakes, every city smashed.
Hailstones one hundred pounds, down to the Earth, they crash.

13) Man curses God for all these plagues, refusing to repent.
Then, Israel recognizes, the Messiah that God sent.
They call on Him to save them, Christ answers from the sky.
Returns in judgment, reclaims the Earth, and all the unsaved die.

14) The Time Of Jacob's Trouble, never before known.
It will commence very soon, Sent down from God's Throne.
Never to be seen again, once the Judgments end.
And start of the Millenium, with Jesus as Our Friend.

15) If it's before the Rapture, when you read this poem.
Realize you are a sinner; to get Heaven as your home.
Repent of sin, accept Christ now, make Him your Lord today.
For He is The King Of Kings, The Truth, The Life, The Way.

16) And when the Rapture trumpet sounds, to Earth, you'll wave goodbye.
As all the saved, now meet the Lord, there in Heaven's Sky.
The Bema Judgment, Wedding Supper, praising God forevermore.
And, return to Earth to reign with Him, the now Eternal Score.

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