Grade Crossing Safety

Grade Crossing Safety

Public Service Announcement
No One Asks The Engineer
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway Train at a Crossing


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony --To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Writtten by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

Operation Lifesaver is a national organization that strives to educate the public on the danger of trying to beat a train to a highway railroad crossing. I produced a public service announcement, and wrote a poem a few years ago, on this subject.

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Public Service Announcement

Is it worth the risk??

Worth taking a chance to make up some time??

Worth racing to beat a speeding train to a railroad crossing??

Many people think so...but, many people have been wrong.

So much so, that some have paid for it with their lives.

With most trains traveling over 50 miles per hour, and having close to 100 cars, you're looking at close to 3 miles to bring that train to a stop!!'s not worth the risk...especially when your life is in the balance.

So, the next time you see a train approaching a railroad crossing ahead of you...don't race it!!


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No One Asks The Engineer

''No One Asks The Engineer''

A poem about railroad crossing safety

Written By Daryl Stout, Member, Arkansas Railroad Club, Little Rock, AR

No one asks the engineer his feelings from a crash.
With a car that tried to beat his train; like a drink can, it was smashed.

Railroad crossings dot the land where roads and rails meet.
Crossbuck, lights, bells, and gates...the warnings on the street.

But, STOP ON THE RED SIGNAL seems furtherest from some folks minds
As they try to beat oncoming trains, to save a little time.

One ton cars...12000 ton's no contest to compare.
Are these drivers crazy...or do they just not care??

Fast moving trains with many cars can't stop on a dime.
Not showing up like clockwork...they come at any time.

The sad part is the engineer, who sees it with his eyes.
Many times, day in, day out...all these drivers tries.

He throws the brake on, but he knows there's nothing he can do.
To stop inertia weight behind to keep from plowing through.

Whether a car, fuel truck, or school bus matter what the size.
He sees the horror in their faces just before they die.

Unlike changing traffic lanes, the train cannot be steered
Out of the path of danger's his unending fear.

The nightmare of the crash remains after the wreck is gone.
Many trainmen had to quit...they could not go on.

Sometimes, they too, are maimed or killed, unnecessarily.
And others on the train as well, part of the tragedy.

Had I been that engineer...on that train that day...
And if you asked me about the wreck, here is what I'd say.

''There was no way that I could stop, or out of the way swerve...''
''They ran a red light at the crossing...and got what they deserved''.

So, when you are out driving, and a crossing ahead appears...
Remember in a needless one asks the engineer.

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