Gospel Songwriting

Gospel Songwriting

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This page details the Gospel Songwriting hobby that I have...further information is in the Webmaster Biography link. These links were updated Jan. 18, 2017.

The background music is a MIDI file of the classic hymn ''Amazing Grace''...as it is AMAZING that the Lord would offer this GRACE (unmerited, undeserved favor) toward mankind...after Adam and Eve turned their backs on God in the Garden Of Eden (see the Old Testament book of Genesis, Chapter 3).

If you have any Gospel (Christian) related links that you think I'd like, please contact me via this link. Also, the famous Chick Tracts now allow display of these on websites, just like the ones below.

Gospel Links

  • Your First Six Days In Hell
  • Receive a FREE GIFT -- Salvation
  • Statement Of Faith
  • My Testimony - To Soar With Jesus Gospel Poetry Collection (C) 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout (Alphabetically)
  • My Testimony - To Soar With Jesus Gospel Poetry Collection (C) 1989, 2017 by Daryl Stout (By Bible Testament)
  • Christian Website Design
  • Chick Publications -- Gospel Tracts
  • A Searchable Online Bible
  • Bible Questions Answered
  • Proclaiming The Gospel
  • The Cyber Hymnal
  • Rapture Ready -- Bible Prophecy
  • Rapture Forums -- The End Times Rapture Resource
  • YouTube Video of how quickly the Rapture may occur
  • Until Jesus Comes
  • Grace Through Faith
  • The Hal Lindsey Report
  • The Omega Letter
  • In Touch Ministries
  • Olive Tree Ministries
  • End Times Bible Prophecy
  • Lamb And Lion Ministries
  • Prophecy Matters Return To Top Of Page

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