Thank You For Your Feedback Request

Thank You For Your Feedback Request

Note that the message address contacts below are for TEXT graphics, HTML links, attached files, etc. Also, the addresses noted will NOT work as a ''traditional email address''...and they are also spam filtered.

If you wish to contact me, please be patient on a reply. Also, if your message is detected as spam, your ISP and email, which are both TRACED and LOGGED, will be BLACKLISTED and REPORTED to several anti-spam clearinghouses... including (among others)...Spam Assassin, Spamhaus, Blackholes Mail Abuse, ListDSBL, BLCSMA, Possible Suriel, CBL Abuse, ORDB, SpamCop, and MailWasher Pro (with its First Alert utility).

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE in sending spam. Message content is LIMITED to topics relating to The Thunderbolt BBS, or website topics...including Amateur Radio, Trains, Gospel Songwriting, Pun Humor, Square Dancing, Weather, Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's), and Unaccompanied Quartet Singing. The way it is displayed, NONE OF THE LINKS can be activated, and the message is DELETED WITHOUT COMMENT. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

1) If you're logged in as a valid user on the QRZ ham radio website, you can view my email address. Without an actual logon, you can view information on what I do in amateur radio here. However, the latter option will NOT show the email address, or the main mailing address.

2) Amateur Radio operators with a valid Technician Class or higher license can reach me via a packet mail message to WX1DER@N0KFQ.MO.USA.NA. Note that if this is entered in any other program besides an amateur radio packet message program, such as Outpost, it will BOUNCE as UNDELIVERABLE. Due to antenna prohibitions where I live...except for checkin to nets via Echolink, D-Star, or Packet Via Telnet, I am OFF THE AIR. ''Eyeball QSO's'' are done at central Arkansas area license exam sessions, or by other special arrangement ONLY. Properly Licensed Amateur Radio Operators who are using the D-Rats program, can send messages to WX1DER.

3) If you're subscribed to The Modern Square, Arkansas' Square And Round Dance publication, published monthly by the Arkansas State Square Dance Federation, my voice mail contact information is in there.

4) If logged on to a Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS), you can reach me via Netmail, if the BBS is part of the worldwide FIDONet BBS Network.

5) For users of The Thunderbolt BBS, if you've lost or forgotten your BBS password, proceed to enter the data below. I'll need the name or alias for your account, the email supplied at initial logon, and what you think your password is.

6) You can fill out the form below. Note that you must enter the reCAPTCHA settings below, to process the message. After you enter the data, you can return to the desired website.

Daryl Stout, WX1DER, Webmaster

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